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Brener Senior Club

İş Yerinde İş Ortakları

Brener Senior Club

We think that our lives will continue in the same way. However, time passes rapidly. Many important points that make us who we are; We cannot realize that it has faded over the years. Then comes a moment when we realize that we are wiser, more patient, and more alone. This is the natural flow of life. We actually start alone and end alone. The important thing is to be able to leave a mark with what we do, to gain a benefit, to learn a little more and to find peace.

So much has been written, said, and done about life that repeating it here would only be wasting our precious time.

While the value of time was relatively less in the first period of our life; It is more valuable as our theoretical time remaining after becoming a mature individual decreases.

Using time well; It begins to make sense for us in the episode that we will call the second half of our lives.

Well, when the time passes and we become more and more mature individuals; What should we do now that we are starting to see many things much better?

In our remaining life process; We must give more value to ourselves and our experience.

What does this mean in concrete terms?

  1. We must use our resources better.

  2. Not saving anymore; We must understand that we are in a planned spending period.

  3. The attention we will give to our health is of great importance compared to our previous life.

  4. Our bodies are in their youth period; While it comes to balance very easily; is now struggling. This gives us an important warning.

  5. We must find ways to enjoy our life.

  6. It is not passive; we have to be effective.

  7. If you quit your children and relatives will want to manage you. This is natural. They do this with a protective instinct. They start to treat us the same way we treat children. The way you can overcome this is to create your own agenda and apply it. You do not have to ask and consult anyone on this matter. This is your life.

  8. It means being active; It means conveying your experiences to your children and relatives. You can do this verbally or in writing.

A recipe; a small memory of your life "do not repeat"; like a little gift.

  1. Keep making friends. Your friends don't necessarily have to be your age. Ask them questions; listen; Give a little anecdote.

  2. If the economic situation is suitable; make financial aid. If not, help people with a smiling face and chat. This makes you happier.

We invite you to Brener Senior Club to do all these activities.

It is not only a life center but also a senior club where we can express ourselves better in a social environment; Let's be in an environment where we share many activities with other members we are with.

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