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If you suspect your building is risky, you are getting a test. In this test, expert organizations examine your building, take concrete samples and test them. As a result, if the building's condition is not safe to live, the urban transformation process begins. We apply to the municipality and submit a report. The municipality takes a demolition decision within 6. You are hiring a contractor. In order to assign a task to the contractor you have agreed with, you need to get a 2/3 majority. So if you are an apartment with 10 flats, 7 flats need to be approved by the contractor. The contractor prepares the project and makes an urban transformation application to the municipality with the approval of the flat owners. He's getting a license. The construction begins and the construction is completed at the specified time. The construction square meters that can be made according to the zoning status of the land on which your building is located may differ according to the regions. With the completion of the construction, the flat in square meters agreed with the Contractor passes to the floor owners. When the urban transformation application and all legal procedures are completed, the state provides a certain amount of rent aid to the landlords. It is also possible to obtain suitable bank loans subsidized by the state for urban transformation. Of course, Urban Transformation is an extremely complex subject that requires expertise.

As Brener, we can complete our work quickly with our expert staff and experience in Urban Transformation. The important thing here is that the floor owners form a consensus.


As Brener, when we decide to realize an Urban Transformation project; First of all, as a result of long meetings with beneficiaries, the needs are determined and the most effective projects are developed with alternatives to the extent that the environment allows. Then, the municipal permits of the demolished building are completed quickly and deliveries are made in less than 1 year. Thus, beneficiaries have the opportunity to return to their new apartments quickly, and new residents who want to establish a new life in this region are provided with the opportunity to live in new smart buildings, all permits have been obtained and professionally managed.


In Urban Transformation, the parties are not only contractors and floor owners. We are talking about a transaction involving many parties such as neighbors, Municipality, flat owners relations, in some cases special protection boards, the environment ministry, banks, new customers involved in the project. As Brener, we have delivered our works on time and in the best way by doing very important studies and projects in many disciplines such as experience, knowledge and ability to apply, financial competence, necessary network and the ability to make a transition to life at the end of work.


Urban transformation; As 40-50 years old buildings are reconstructed; It is a very problematic process for flat owners. In this process, Brener has completed the urban transformations in the best way by providing a balanced environment and coordination with all apartment owners, customers, solution partners and public institutions and organizations.



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