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Maeda Master Frame

Technology overview

The Main Frame construction method is a construction method that strengthens the columns and beams of an existing building from the outside of the building. It is suitable for buildings with poles and beams on the outer wall. In addition, since it is reinforced with reinforced concrete elements, it is most effective in reinforced concrete structures and middle and low buildings (up to about 6th floor) with steel reinforced concrete.


For those considering seismic retrofitting, the "mainframe" construction method ensures that construction is completed in a short time while staying at home, and the appearance design upon completion is unique. As a precast (PCa) element is attached to the exterior wall of the building, the cost is lower than the traditional construction method using steel aggregates, and the use of PCa enables a shorter construction time by making it possible to not cast concrete on site.

Efficiency Ichikawa City 8th Secondary School, Ichikawa City Ozu Secondary School (2010)
Mitamatsu Sei High School (Kansai) (2010)


External evaluation Building technology performance certificate for building and construction performance from Japan Building Research Institute (March 2010)


Applicable type of operation Seismic reinforcement of existing reinforced concrete and steel reinforced concrete directly connected to the exterior of medium and low-rise buildings


Related documents "09-35 Building Technology Performance Certificate Assessment Summary Report" (Japan Building Research Institute)


Description Toyo Construction Co., Ltd. and Sanko Techno Co., Ltd. joint development with.

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