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Ecological & Modular Housing Systems

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Limitless "Low Cost Housing" solutions with


Exterior and Interior Wall Thickness 100 mm.

Exterior and Interior Wall Inner Insulation Material EPS,

Heat Insulation Coefficient U = 0.26 W / m² / K

Solutions are provided to Low Cost Housing and Affordable Housing requirements with Orca Building Systems.

Especially, it is ideal for Rural Housing Development and Bulk Housing Projects.

The system consists of modular panel wall system and the assembly of a house of approximately 100 m2 lasts only 2 days with 3 workers. Before the assembly of the buildings, the local workforce is trained on assembly for a brief period of time and local employment is created.

Consisting of self-insulated panels with carrying properties in the vertical and horizontal axes, Orca Building System has integrated interior wall, exterior wall, and roof solutions in the system.

Concrete with a thickness between 15 and 25 cm is used on the building ground.

Wall Exterior Galvanized Painted Steel Sheet (0,50 mm)

Wall Interior Galvanized Painted Steel Sheet (0,40 mm)

Wall Interior Galvanized Painted Steel Sheet or Aluminum Painted Steel Sheet (0,40 mm)

Roof Panel Thickness 120 mm

Roof Panel Interior Insulation Material EPS

Roof Upper Cladding, Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet (0,50 mm)

Roof Lower Cladding, Galvanized or Aluminum Painted Steel Sheet (0,40 mm)

80 X 200 cm American Panel Door

90 x 200 cm Steel Door

80 x 100 cm PVC, White Frame, with double-glazing

80 x 80 cm Shower Sink, Washbasin, Toilet bowl and Armatures.

120 cm Kitchen counter, double cabinet, drip sink

Kitchen-hood ventilation outlet 11 cm.

Entire Floor 25 x 25 cm / 33 x 33 cm Ceramic or Laminated Parquet

Surface- Mounted Electrical Installation and Fixtures, Under-floor plumbing.

(Spaces shall be reserved at the floor concrete laying stage.)

All the details related to the buildings in Low Cost and Affordable type housing, kitchen, bathroom, wet floors, electrical installation, and plumbing are all included in the project as complete package solution. Projects are made as turnkey.

Orca Building Systems are designed taking into account the climate condition and architectural traditions of the countries where the buildings shall be constructed.

Also, flexible solutions may be generated depending on varying requirements such as the building architecture desired by the customer, building size (between 40 and 180 m2), number of rooms, number of bathrooms, colors of the exterior and interior walls of the building, and similar.

Orca Building System having "World Patent" and "France CSTB Avis Technique" technical approval has technical values that satisfy building standards in 25 countries in Africa. The fact that there are heat bridges in the buildings leads to healthy living environments. Heat, noise and humidity insulation values have superior standards compared to the other competitor building solutions.

It is economical and long lasting.

Technical explanations regarding Low Cost Housing building details are given in the table below for review.

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