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No radon gas in houses built with ORCA System.

Storey height and room volumes may be tailored to desired dimensions.

As the walls can breathe, no humidity, mold or fungi are formed. 

ORCA walls used in interior partitions provide high acoustic and heat insulation between the rooms.

ORCA Wall has A2 Non-Combustibility Certificate and suppresses flames for a long time (850⁰C- 120 minutes).

It is the only multi-storey building system in the world that is both PASSIVE and ECOLOGIC.


Panels and precast walls suitable for any building and technical requirement are manufactured in the ORCA Precast Building System Orca Ecologic Building Factory.


The difference of the system from the conventional light steel structure production systems is that the panel formed by steel profiles is manufactured with insulation material EPS (expanded polystyrene) inside moulds at a temperature of 190º C and under a pressure of 8 bars so as to prevent the heat bridges of the steel.


Because each surface of the steel is clad with insulation material with a density of 25, the patented ORCA BUILDING SYSTEM has far better static, insulation, acoustic values ,as well as extended lifetime, compared to other steel structures. The outer surface of the exterior wall is coated with magnesium oxide panels and mortared natural stone cladding can be successfully applied on the outer surface to which we screw meshed cemented plaster or steel mesh.


All of these applications can be used also as interior wall cladding. Our product is patented as precast wall panel for use in all seismic environments, in climates with severe temperature fluctuations between day and night, to be specific, temperature ranges between +70°C and -70°C, in DGNB (German Sustainable Passive House) standards.


ORCA Wall Panels are manufactured from dipped galvanized special steel sheets  without welding. The connections of the profiles and the doors are made with M8, M10, and M12 bolts and smart screws. Wall insertions ,side by side and one on another, involve tapering.


Special additions such as mesh wire, console legs, vibration wedges, and central vacuum suction pipe connections may be made in accordance with the technique. In concrete structures constructed with post-and- beam or tunnel formwork system, ORCA Walls are assembled in single piece and with jambs and trims on them. ORCA Walls either are built in-between or enclose the column-beam.


ORCA Wall System can be applied very rapidly to high buildings with steel carriers. Depending on the existing wall and concrete precast elements, it makes your building 10 to 26 times lighter on wall weight basis. ORCA Wall density is 24 kg/m² or 120 kg/m³.

ORCA Wall connections to standard columns and beams are made with M8, M10, and M12 steel bolts.


ORCA Wall enables column-beam system to work in unison in earthquakes and provides perfect earthquake resistance to multi-storey buildings. Outer façade cladding materials are easily mounted on the steel bars inside the walls. It is easily applied to all kinds of architecture.

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