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Project Management

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Inspecting the project in terms of time, cost and quality,

Fulfillment of the necessary work and procedures in the progress of the project in line with the specified goals,

It covers the work of the plans, programs and other processes required for the efficient progress of the project.

Project management, which is a professional process, starts at the design stage of the project and continues until the end of the project.

In professional project management, the support given to the employer at the end of the project continues. Thanks to the construction Project Management, which makes the buildings more durable and more efficient, a very serious profit can be obtained in terms of COST and TIME.


Project management includes sub-stages that cannot be examined under a single heading. Since project management is a work done by employees from different disciplines, necessary coordination should be provided. In projects where quality and efficiency principles are prioritized, project management should be carried out carefully in order for the project to fulfill the desired requirements.

A qualified project manager is needed for effective project management. Project managers who have the ability to keep different disciplines together and manage the flow of information when necessary, play an important role in the success of the project.

The details of the project are also under the control of the project manager. Project Management is also COST management, and there are components other than cost. Reporting of work done, feasibility reports, progress of the project according to schedule, TIME constitutes the components of project management.


Construction Project Management should not only be considered as managing works on site. It should be known that Project Management is a versatile and specialized job, as many factors outside the construction site affect the product due to the new generation building construction activities. Cost management of a construction, operation of the construction according to the given schedule, feasibility studies, static analysis, use of correct materials. Headings such as, are among the issues to be considered in terms of construction Project Management.




















What are the Responsibilities of the Project Manager?

The areas that the project manager is responsible for are not limited to these. When necessary, it is the responsibility of the project manager to appoint consultants responsible for different units, to prepare all kinds of written documentation from the draft to the application, to report the completion of the work, to obtain the necessary permits for the construction, to follow the tender processes, to take measures regarding work and worker health.

A good project manager should be able to demonstrate the necessary skills in operation and management, as well as fulfilling the necessary responsibilities. It is among the expectations of a good project manager that different employees act with a team spirit and the necessary information flow is realized quickly and rapidly.

A good project manager should be someone who can quickly solve the problems he / she encounters and has advanced analytical thinking skills. Project managers who have sufficient technical knowledge and do not hesitate to make bold decisions when necessary are necessary for construction project management.



With the completion of the projects prepared by the relevant Project company, the preparation of the proposal phase of the work is started by the Project Management and the work flow is provided in accordance with the following order.

Proposal Program and Budget Preparation.
Subcontractor Selection and Evaluation.
Preparation of Subcontractor Lists and Employer Approval.
Preparation of Tender Documents (Technical specifications, unit price descriptions, estimate summary, projects etc.)
Offer Receiving File Distribution.
Preparation of Bid Evaluation Tables.
Proposal Evaluation Meetings with Subcontractors.
Preparation and Signing of the Contract File.


It makes the necessary explanations on the tender documents and projects to the producers who want to bid. According to the tender method agreed or deemed appropriate by the employer, the tender documents prepared at the stage of preparation of the tender documents and the tender specifications, announces the tender or invites the producers to be bid for the tender.

If it is decided to test the qualifications, it examines the qualifications of the producers who will submit or submit the proposal and by making the necessary intelligence or participates in the commission that conducts this work.


It conducts examinations from various aspects in order to determine the suitable offer as a result of any bid taking or reduction. Offers, suggested unit prices, total price, total discount period, construction technology, technical competence (staff, machinery-equipment, etc.), guarantees, etc. It examines by making comparisons.

It makes the economic and technical evaluation of the bids of the bidders participating in the tender.

It notifies the employer of the results of the examination and examination with a report.


It prepares contracts with employers and subcontractors and provides consultancy in signing them. The employer decides and bears the responsibility for the contract with the employer himself. Project Management's proposal to the employer as a subcontractor / producer does not attribute the responsibility of his work to the Project Management.



All progress payments and expenses of the project are coordinated and controlled by the Project Management. All invoices, minutes, daily progress payments are filed at the construction site and submitted to the employer in certain periods.



The investment is controlled by the Project Management in line with the quality standards in the process from the project stage to the turnkey delivery.



Before the construction site, every detail related to the project is examined and controlled. The points, connections and effects of the architectural, electrical and mechanical projects related to each other are checked and it is requested to be arranged by the relevant discipline at the time of the problem. Demolition and construction demands from different disciplines can also be prevented.



The employer is informed about every stage of the construction site through the worksite coordination meetings held every week and the site activity reports published every month.

With the temporary admissions made for each subcontractor contract, the construction is delivered to the employer completely and perfectly.

At the end of the work, all final application projects (as-built) are delivered to the investor together with the informative and training meetings held at the end of the work.



Project coordination is the provision of all communication and coordination between the concept design, architecture, interior architecture, electrical and mechanical teams of the project groups on behalf of the employer in order to achieve the targeted goals at every stage of the project.

The only address where all information about the project is collected and distributed is PROJECT MANAGEMENT.

Creating an Architectural Requirement Program.
Determination of Construction Methods.

Determination of Architectural and Engineering Design Criteria.
Management and Coordination of Architectural and Engineering Projects are within this scope.



With the first contract signed and the site delivery to the contractor, the Project Management takes part in the following subjects on behalf of the employer at the construction site.

Provides the establishment of a Construction Site Management office.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT undertakes the follow-up of all works at the construction site, with two main sections under the name of technical office and field group.

All contractor and subcontractor coordination, information flow and control in the construction site are provided within the framework of the procedures established by the Project Management.

The work is monitored and coordinated in line with the weekly coordination meetings held every week with the participation of all contractors and employers.

In order to inform the employer every month, monthly activity reports are prepared and presented to the investor's information.

For each contract, the work is delivered to the investor in a complete and flawless manner with the temporary acceptances made with the participation of the employer, the contractor firm and the Project Management.

Project and Field Coordination.
Determination of Site Organization and Management System.
Application and Detail Projects Control.
Contract Management.
Quality Assurance and Control.
Time management.
Budget management.
Occupational Health and Safety Management.
Document Management.
Change or Additional Business Management.
Work Schedule Tracking.
Commissioning Management.
Maintenance Planning.
Making Emergency Scenarios.
Delivery of the Project with Provisional Acceptance and Final Acceptance.

  • All aspects of the mechanical system



Regulations Regarding Wet Soils


Waste Water Installations

  • All electrical considerations

Energy Sources

Generator systems

Weak currents



The PROJECT MANAGEMENT firm provides partial or permanent personnel on the site.

The issue of guarantorship of the companies selected to carry out projects or applications does not bind the Project Management company and the Project Management firm cannot be held responsible.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT has the right to submit a price offer on its behalf by the group companies related to the works to be performed and to apply on its own behalf on the site if the necessary approval is given by the employer.

Contractual parties meet at the site or in the office of the Project Management for the purpose of monitoring and controlling the contract principles every week at the specified day and time.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT will establish the estimated budget for the investment required for the Project, taking into account the approved schedules and recipes. It will prepare the project alternatives comparatively on the basis of investment cost. It will determine the prices of different brands and models that are likely to be used and discuss the prices of the employer's authorities, receive price offers from at least two different suppliers and submit them to the employer's opinion and preference.


During the decision phase, he will give all kinds of information to the employer and make the necessary explanations. Project Management is not a surety or guarantor of any supplier, as the ultimate choice in these matters belongs to the employer. If the employer wishes, they will be able to meet their needs by meeting with suppliers other than those recommended.


All project services, Architecture, 3D Drawings, Electrical, Mechanical, Application and Detail projects within the scope of PROJECT MANAGEMENT are out of the scope of this contract. During the production of these services, if necessary, the opinions and approvals of the employer or other consultants will be obtained. However, the possible wages of these consultants are paid separately by the employer; is not included in the contract price.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT will receive, examine, correct and approve the progress payments to be prepared by the contractor or subcontractors at the periods in the contracts, and deliver them to the employer for payment.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT will provide the employer with the necessary technical and / or legal opinion or opinion support in case of disputes that may arise from contracts related to the PROJECT. However, this situation may cause Project Management to be legal representative or deputy of the Employer; joint or several responsible; does not become a guarantor or surety.


The determination of whether the subcontractor or subcontractors fulfill their commitments in the contracts they will sign with the employer and the conformity of the completed works will be made by the Project Management. For this purpose, the establishment of the necessary acceptance committees, preparation of the minutes, provisional acceptance and final acceptance at least one year later will be carried out by the Project Management.


In the event of exceptional circumstances that the PROJECT MANAGEMENT has to do as a subcontractor, the parties will determine the conditions related to these cases with the contracts they will draw up separately.



PROJECT MANAGEMENT will work in accordance with the work schedule decided together with the employer. Project Management will prepare the work schedule in accordance with the working days and work schedule, the construction schedule and deliver it to the employer within a maximum of 10 following the signing of the contract.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT will do the job in line with the projects to be submitted, site lists and priority order of the employer.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT will comply with the provisions of occupational health and safety in construction works during production, will warn those who do not, and follow the relevant regulations on behalf of the employer.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT will employ the workers who have worked with him and whom he trusts on the construction site, and will not employ individuals under the age of 18 who have been convicted of any crime.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT will immediately remove unwanted employees from the construction site.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT recommends the employer to make payments in parallel with the progress of the works with other subcontractors who will do the work or similar works on the site.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT prepares the work, service and construction instructions, gives permission to start work. With the instruction to start work, new work instructions are signed by the employer for works that are not covered by the project, tender and construction contract and that require additional expenditure and are recorded.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT organizes and manages construction site meetings, prepares site minutes and other records in which the qualifications of the manufactures related to construction are determined, and mutually signs with the subcontractor / builder and the employer.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT prepares additional projects and details that will facilitate the implementation of projects that do not provide sufficient information or necessary explanation or have the project company prepared.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT, It makes all kinds of construction, manufacturing, installation and assembly done in accordance with the size and shape, according to the project and details, does not have any work that does not have an approved project and does not have the seal of the project author or not sent by e-mail.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT submits the necessary technical data to the employer, if requested, in case of any dispute between the architect, the contractor firm or companies and the employer.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT, while doing its work, is to comply with the contracts, projects, special administrative and technical specifications between the employer and the administration, to comply with the samples given, to comply with the bylaws and regulations and all orders and instructions offered by subcontractors and local administrations, to act as a competent trader, To comply with the rules of intention, to comply with the general obligations of the contractor, to see the workplace while bidding, to examine the projects, in some cases, there may be intertwined works, to comply with the new work schedule as a result of the partial or complete removal or addition of some items upon the need of the employer. does.



Upon the subcontractors notifying the employer in writing that the work is completed and ready for acceptance, the employer or his authorized representative examines whether the work subject to commitment is compatible with the contract annexes and determines the situation.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT, after its completion, processes the actual realization status of all the productions and the electrical and installation equipment installed in the building on the project originals and makes the necessary explanations.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT delivers 1 set copy of the Done Project to the employer after writing "Done Project" on it, signing it, obtaining the approval and signature of the project author and sealing it so that it can be reproduced as required. The originals of the projects are kept by both the project management and the project author. The storage period is at least 5 years.



Determination of the Final Cost of the Building: Before the acceptance of the building (in case the contract is terminated or canceled), the project management prepares the final accounts of the building or reviews and approves them if they are prepared by someone else.


The final calculations are based on the exact quantities, minutes, attachments and surveys completed with the progress payments based on the exact quantities made during the implementation process.

If done, "Done Projects" are based on final accounts.

The final accounts prepared are signed by the project management, contractor / producer and project author and given to the employer.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT, In unsuitable cases, demolish and rebuild; It informs the employer about the deficiencies that do not benefit from demolishing and rebuilding and remain in this form in the "Construction Site Instruction Book" in order to do what is necessary in the final account. In cases where re-manufacturing is required, the project management can provide another company to correct the problematic production.



PROJECT MANAGEMENT examines the building upon the application of the contractor and reports to the employer that there is no obstacle to the acceptance by having the relevant parts examined by the construction, installation and electrical engineers.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT determines if there are situations that prevent temporary acceptance, which is the first inspection of the building, and asks the contractor or producers to remedy these deficiencies and defects within the prescribed period. The whole stage is recorded mutually between the parties.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT is present in the acceptance procedures and examinations to be made by the employer and assists the employer.


As a result of on-site inspection by the PROJECT MANAGEMENT, if it is determined that the productions are made in accordance with the contracts and annexes, projects, specifications and generally known science and art rules, the building is accepted and the situation is recorded in a report. This "Acceptance Report" is signed by Project Management, Contractor, Project Designer and Employer.

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