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Renovation process in architectural buildings:

Technology; It has had a significant impact on the renovation process in architectural structures. Thanks to design, 3D visuals and videos, the importance and power of the planning phase has increased considerably. Decisions to be taken regarding planned changes and renewals are much more effective with technological possibilities. In addition, cost studies can be done more precisely thanks to technology. The decision for what purpose the architectural structure will initially be renewed must be made correctly. A later correction or a complete change of purpose results in incurring costs. Technology protects us from such deviations as it allows us to model all processes before starting the innovation.


Why Renovation?

Many people renovate houses to create a new look for their home or when someone else buys the house; They renovate the residence to suit their personal needs and taste preferences. In big projects; buildings previously used as offices or workplaces; office and workplace buildings with the changing needs in the region and the increasing demand for residential areas; They create residential areas by renewing them. Instead of building a building from scratch with everything; Renovating the existing building according to new needs often means achieving results with lower costs and saving time. Homeowners often renovate their homes to increase their resale value or to get a better rental income and to make a profit when selling.

Wood and renovation

Wood is versatile and flexible, making it the easiest building material for renovations, and wooden buildings can be redesigned to suit changing needs. Few homeowners or professional renovations have the skills and equipment needed to replace steel frames or concrete structures.

The Green and Sustainable Forest Certificate confirms that wood products are derived from well-managed forests. Most certification programs offer online search options for consumers to find certified products


Is it a renovation? Is to rebuild the building?

Most buildings in North America are being demolished by external factors such as zoning changes and rising land values. Additionally, buildings that cannot be changed to serve the functional needs of the occupants are subjected to demolition. Few buildings on the continent were destroyed due to structural degradation. Generally, buildings were demolished in order to obtain a larger zoning area on the same plot. This is undesirable for large cities. With the increasing density, mega cities become more difficult to live.

The Athena Institute was established between 2000 and mid-2003 in St. Paul examined 227 demolished commercial and residential buildings in Minnesota . Thirty percent of the buildings were under 50 and 6 percent were under 25. The four main causes of demolition were "site redevelopment" (35%), "physical condition of the building" (31%), "unfit for expected use" (22%) and "fire damage" (7%). The specific problem in 54 of the 70 buildings where the physical condition was given as the reason for the demolition was cited as lack of maintenance.

Many buildings were reconstructed in our country with Urban Transformation. These buildings could not offer larger and more useful areas in terms of living spaces than the previous old building. Solid buildings were built only according to the new earthquake code. But the comfort and the balconies were sacrificed.

As Brener, we have actively built many buildings from scratch with urban transformation. As our main goal as a construction company is to establish an economic enterprise; We did the work in the best conditions. We delivered the buildings in accordance with their projects.


Japan Maeda GKMC Renovation and Reinforcement Systems & Brener

Our experience shows that; The right thing is to do urban transformation with island-based planning. In other cases, renovation and retrofitting is the better solution. Here, we provide renewal and strengthening service with Japanese Maeda technology license.

Actually; Considering that even very old buildings can be restored and it continues its economic life for many years; Renovation is not difficult for a 50 to 60 year old building. The problem here is; it is in the mindset of the building owners.

When a building is determined to be a risky building, building owners; They get caught up in the thought of making everything new. This is natural. It is the instinct to protect against danger. But; Not by instincts when making a decision for a building; It is necessary to make a decision with technical and economic data.

Our recommendation; It is the initiation of the decision process with a strengthening and renewal alternative. If the result says to do from scratch; Of course this is inevitable. However, if renovation is possible economically and technically; this should not be ignored.

As Brener, we have 22 years of experience in both immediate renovation and new building construction from scratch. Whatever results come out; We carry out all kinds of work to build and apply in the best way.

Most builders focus on building new homes, so renovation is typically much more demanding and difficult for this type of work than building from scratch, but also requires experience and knowledge. The processes and services required for renovation are quite specific, and building a new home is relatively predictable once the plans are signed. Renovations usually provide all the information required for the construction of a new building; it also requires considering many other processes. During renovation projects, it is necessary to have experience, knowledge, skills and flexibility in renovation companies to respond to unexpected problems that arise. Projects involving renovation require not only flexibility, but also a plan agreed upon by many parties. The planning process is designed in a way that includes the feedback from the project's financial investors and the designer.

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