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The most accepted definition for restoration is to restore the original without damaging it. Restoration in the construction industry; An architectural work is to repair and rehabilitate parts that have been damaged or deteriorated over time or for any other reason without damaging the artistic value and old form of that work. Restoration, which is very different from a normal repair, is a great deal of knowledge and expertise. That's why not every architect can do restoration. While doing restoration, it is necessary to add something from yourself to the work and to be respectful to the old art so as not to attempt to make the building more beautiful and complete in personal ways. Thus, the work is brought to life again. It is necessary to distinguish between repair and restoration. The restoration also carries an artistic value. It is like a youth vaccine for restoration structures. Restoration means that the building starts a new life by getting rid of the effects of time and other factors. With the restoration, the deterioration in the structure is stopped and its life is extended. In other words, it stops the restoration wear and gives it the strength to withstand time.


We create living spaces tailored to the person and his expectations by preserving the original values of ancient artifacts.

In our works, we provide services in the fields of consultancy, project, licensing, construction and renovation together with different disciplines, interior design starting from the purchasing process of the owners. At every stage, under the supervision of experts in our team, we produce unique solutions for buildings with the fine workmanship we do not compromise.


As Brener, we have produced the monumental works of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires such as Palace, Mansion, Mansion, Mansion, Mosque, Tomb, Medrese, Sarnıç with different construction techniques, under the supervision of scientific boards and universities, with experienced teams in the scope of major repairs. has achieved hard to achieve gains by performing "Static Reinforcement with Protection and Restoration" works in buildings where stone and khorasan are used.

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